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Whether you are at home, in the office or in a park mSwing is designed to be experienced by everyone. Make sure you check out the clips below for tips on the key mSwing techniques.

  • What to swing: A light object that you can hold in your hand. A dumbbell works best but you can also use a drink bottle, a weight plate, a stick, a vegetable or a piece of wood. You can also perform mSwing moves with no weight at all.
  • How heavy? Start with 1-2kg (2-5lb). You can go heavier if you are comfortable. 5kg (11lb) is the heaviest weight we recommend.
  • How much space? Enough space so that you can step to either side and front and back with your arms spread out. Oh, and enough space overhead to swing your arms up high and maybe even jump (without banging into anything)


mSwing Technique
– the three moves

Pendular Arc



Experience mSwing from the convenience of your own home.


mSwing home exercise videos provide an effective, fun, well-balanced workout with all of the instruction and cool music you’ll need. And the great thing is you can download the video to any device!

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