Join the Smiling Movement!

Bringing mSwing to your venue brings accessible exercise to everyone who attends. Getting mSwing to your facility is easy. You simply need to ensure that:

  • Instructors: Any instructor conducting mSwing classes needs to be certified.
  • Equipment: You will need lots of individual dumbbells in the 1-5kg range. You can also use weight plates, wooden rods, water bottles or in fact anything light weight that can be held in a single hand.
  • Space: Enough space so that participants can step to either side and front and back with their arms spread out. And also enough space overhead to swing arms up high and maybe even jump (without banging into anything).

Hold mSwing classes at your venue – it’s free

When you join us as a venue you become a part of the mSwing family. There are no registration fees, no ongoing licence fees no mandatory music and no mandatory on-going training requirements. Joining us is easy simply click the contact us button below and we’ll be in touch.

Resources – they’re free

As a venue you will get full access to our online resources including:

  • flyers and logos
  • front-line information scripts
  • promotional posters
Sydney 2017
I love mSwing! I have been using all those amazing exercises in my classes at the ymca.